• Synopsis:

    • Each year a square footage report is submitted to the Board of Regents Budget Office.
    • This is an opportunity for UGA to amend the reported square footage used for Resident Instruction, or RI.
    • This report is typically due at the end of June.
  • Goal:

    • The goal is to find all added buildings (addition), omitted buildings (deletion), or differences in gross sq ft (either addition or deletion that will alter net RI space.
    • It also includes any new buildings that will come on line within the next two years.
  • Data Sources:

    • FIDB: Compare the FRPT60A report with the current facilities data.
    • Lease Data:Compare the current list of leases obtained from the Real Properties Office with last year’s lease data.
    • New Developments: (or information not yet forwarded to this office) Send an email to all UGA employees, i.e. “The Players” who may have further information on planned projects.
  • Players:

    • FMD Executive Branch.
    • FMD Dept. Heads.
    • FMD Budget.
    • Office of Institutional Research.
    • Office of University Architects.
    • Real Estate and Space Mgt.
    • Board Of Regents.
  • Workflow: The square footage report workflow is essentially a year round process. The bulk of the work is completed in the last quarter of the fiscal year.

Usage: The Board Of Regents uses the Square Footage Report to identify future funding requests to help formulate USG’s capital budgeting decisions.

Built With:

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  • Application Server: Apache Tomcat
  • Frontend Development: MS Access, MS Excel, VBA


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